Casa de la Cultura

Central Highlands

This cultural center is built on the site of a former Jesuit watermill known as Molinos de Monserrat and houses a small ethnography and art museum. The stone steps above the river are a nice retreat from Latacunga’s busy sidewalks. Check out its schedule for free dance and theater events.

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1. Mercado Cerrado

0.23 MILES

Latacunga’s large markets are quite utilitarian, but that’s what makes them interesting. The food stalls on the second floor of the Mercado Cerrado …

2. Parque Vicente León

0.26 MILES

Most action tends to center on this main plaza. At the southeast corner stands the republican-era town hall, topped by a pair of stone condors. On the…

3. Cathedral

0.26 MILES

On the south side of Parque Vicente León stands the colonial-style cathedral.

4. Town Hall


At the southeast corner of Parque Vicente León stands the republican-era town hall, topped by a pair of stone condors.

5. Casa de los Marqueses de Miraflores

0.36 MILES

Take a break in this archaeological and religious museum housed in a colonial-era mansion. It has good background on the Mama Negra festivals. The museum…

6. Church of La Merced


At the Church of Mercy you'll find an image of the Virgen de las Mercedes, the protector of Latacunga, who is celebrated during the Fiesta de la Mama…

7. Mirador de la Virgen del Calvario

0.51 MILES

On a clear day, this lookout east of town offers views of several distant volcanic peaks. Follow Maldonado up the stairs, go left on Oriente and follow it…

8. Thursday Morning Market

7.35 MILES

The Thursday morning market in Saquisilí is one of the best in the central highlands. It’s a mostly authentic and fascinating place to observe the array…