Mitad del Mundo

Landmark in La Mitad del Mundo
Fotos593 / Shutterstock

At the center of the Mitad del Mundo stands the centerpiece of the park: a 30m-high, stone trapezoidal monument topped by a brass globe containing a viewing platform and a museum, which provides a good introduction to the indígena peoples of Ecuador through dioramas, clothing displays and photographs. On the lower floors are new interactive exhibits examining the science behind the myths of the equator.

Other attractions within the park (included in the entrance fee) include a Viviendas Ancestrales (Ancestral Homes) exhibition, with re-creations of traditional dwellings from the Amazon, Andes and the coast; the Museo de Cacao (Cocoa Museum), examining the history of Ecuadorian chocolate production; a 1:200 scale model of colonial Quito; a small planetarium, and a Museo de la Cerveza Artesanal (Craft Beer Museum), with displays on the brewing process and beer for sale.