Det Gamle Apotek

Southern Jutland

Det Gamle Apotek, beside Torvet, has an elaborate 1671 baroque doorway flanked by two lions that stand guard over the old-fashioned interior and extensive gift-shop collection inside (everything you never thought you’d need, and then some).

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1. Kristkirken

0.04 MILES

The grand Kristkirken on the northeastern side of Torvet dates back to 1592. Its opulent interior came courtesy of the town’s rich cattle and lace…

2. Drøhses Hus

0.04 MILES

On the main pedestrian street, Drøhses Hus dates from 1672; it’s been meticulously restored and is open to the public, exhibiting lace and arts and crafts…

3. Uldgade

0.11 MILES

For a glimpse of the past, head south from Torvet along Søndergade and turn right into Uldgade. The cobbled street has Tønder’s best collection of unique…

4. Tønder Museum

0.27 MILES

Three-in-one Tønder Museum houses Kulturhistorie Tønder, a collection of delicate Tønder lace and decoratively painted furniture. In the adjacent wing is…

5. Schackenborg Slot

2.51 MILES

On the village's eastern edge is Schackenborg, a small castle from the late 17th century that was home to Queen Margrethe’s youngest son, Prince Joachim,…

6. Møgeltønder Kirke

2.68 MILES

At the western end of Slotsgade is Møgeltønder Kirke, its lavish interior a feast for the senses. The Romanesque nave dates back to 1180 and the baptismal…

7. Emil Nolde Stiftung

5.28 MILES

By far the biggest and most impressive collection of Emil Nolde’s work is in his architecturally arresting former atelier at Seebüll. The exhibition is…

8. Rømø Kirke

17.89 MILES

The 18th-century Rømø Church is on the main road in Kirkeby. It’s noted for its unique Greenlandic gravestones (lining the northern wall of the churchyard…