Troldeskoven (Witches' Wood) is an area of ancient trees that have been sculpted into haunting shapes by the wind. Walking there (about 3km south) from Tisvildeleje car park is possible along the beach or on a dirt path through the woods.

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1. Asserbo Slotsruin

1.47 MILES

Asserbo Slotsruin is the pretty if fairly minimal ruins of a small, moat-encircled 12th-century manor house and monastery. It lies near the southern…

2. Kierkegaard Memorial

10.92 MILES

On the clifftop path between the Badehotel and the Gilbjerghoved birdwatching area is a simply inscribed boulder that commemorates the visits to this…

3. Frederiksborg Slot

12.74 MILES

One of Denmark's most impressive buildings, this gigantic, Dutch Renaissance–styled fortress-palace rises proudly out of photogenic moat-lake Slotsø…

4. Fyrhistorik Museum på Nakkehoved

13.06 MILES

Strolling east from Gilleleje along the coastal footpath, you'll come to a pair of lighthouses. The western one (Vestre Fyr) contains a small museum, but…

5. Esrum Kloster

13.29 MILES

While only a shadow of its vast, pre-Reformation self, the former monastery at Esrum remains attractive and really comes into its own during the various…

6. Esrum Sø

13.56 MILES

At 17 sq km, Esrum Sø is Denmark’s second-largest lake. The most popular access point is about 1km west of the Fredensborg palace gate via Skipper Allé…

7. Normandsdalen

14.32 MILES

Arranged around a circular grassy amphitheatre within Fredensborg palace park are 70 folksy carvings depicting Scandinavian workers of assorted 18th…

8. Rudolph Tegners Museum & Statuepark

14.5 MILES

If you wander through this rare patch of lonely, untamed moorland heath, you'll come across a series of 14 classically styled monumental bronze sculptures…