These (moderately) high coastal cliffs of sharp granite rock attract sightseers and walkers. You can access them via a path behind Bornholms Kunstmuseum, or via a set of walking trails that connect with Gudhjem (5km east). A daily boat travels from Gudhjem to a small landing place at the base of the cliffs, where a set of steps leads up.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Bornholm attractions

1. Bornholms Kunstmuseum

0.15 MILES

Occupying a svelte, modern building and overlooking sea, fields and (weather permitting) the distant isle of Christiansø, Bornholms Kunstmuseum echoes…

2. Oluf Høst Museet

2.89 MILES

This wonderful museum contains the workshops and paintings of Oluf Høst (1884–1966), one of Bornholm’s best-known artists. The museum occupies the home…

3. Bokul

2.94 MILES

A short five-minute climb up a heather-covered hill (take the path from Løkkegade), Bokul provides a fine view of the town’s red-tiled rooftops and out to…

4. Gudhjem Glasrøgeri

3.01 MILES

Watch top-quality Bornholm glass being hand-blown at Gudhjem Glasrøgeri at the dockside.

5. Melstedgård

3.64 MILES

This folk/farm museum has a new addition, and a second name: 'Gaarden – Bornholms Madkulturhus'. It's a mouthful when translated (Bornholm's House of Food…

6. Olsker Rundkirke

3.86 MILES

Five kilometres south of central Allinge, on the southern outskirts of the small village of Olsker, is the highest (26m) and most slender of the island’s…

7. Bornholms Middelaldercenter

4.18 MILES

This 'Medieval Centre' re-creates a medieval fort and village, and gives the Danes another chance to do what they love best: dressing up in period costume…

8. Østerlars Rundkirke

4.53 MILES

The largest and most impressive of Bornholm's round churches dates to at least 1150, and its seven buttresses and upper-level shooting positions give away…