Brandts 13


In a stately, porticoed building from 1884, this airy gallery presents regularly changing contemporary art exhibitions, a lot of them multimedia which juxtapose interestingly with the neoclassical architecture.

Free entry after 5pm on Thursday evenings.

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1. Mediemuseum

0.04 MILES

Tracing the role of the media in our lives from X Factor to the monastic scriptorium, most of this excellent museum is in Danish and has a Denmark…

2. Brandts

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This sprawling arts centre occupies a beautifully converted 1887 textile mill. Most of the gallery space is used for well-curated, frequently changing…

3. Stoppenålen


These two shaped-stone pillars look provocatively sexual, but are supposed to represent the proud if hapless 'darning needle' that's the antihero of Hans…

4. HC Andersens Barndomshjem


The small childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen paints a picture of the writer's poverty-stricken childhood. He lived here from 1807 to 1819, aged two…

5. Oceania

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With a classical face, seal-flipper feet and a triumphalist six-pack tummy, this astonishing female figure reclines naked on Odense's central square. But…

6. Odense Domkirke

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A feast of whitewashed Gothic arches and vaulting, Odense’s imposing cathedral took 200 years to build (1300–1499) with the tower added in the 1580s.

7. Sankt Hans Kirke

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Though most of the triple-transept brick structure you see today dates from 1880, there has been a church on this spot since before 1295, and for much of…

8. Børnekulturhuset Fyrtøjet

0.43 MILES

In the charming Fyrtøjet, children are encouraged to explore the world of Hans Christian Andersen through music and storytelling.