Poster on building housing Davids Samling.

Davids Samling

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Davids Samling is a wonderful curiosity of a gallery housing Scandinavia's largest collections of Islamic art, including jewellery, ceramics and silk, and exquisite works such as an Egyptian rock crystal jug from AD 1000 and a 500-year-old Indian dagger inlaid with rubies. And it doesn't end there, with an elegant selection of Danish, Dutch, English and French art, porcelain, silverware and furniture from the 17th to 19th centuries.

The collection was bequeathed to the museum by the barrister Christian Ludvig David, who died in 1960, and it is maintained by the foundation he founded. Befittingly, the museum is housed in David's former home, a neoclassical mansion dating from 1806. On weekdays, consider visiting in the afternoon, when the school groups have usually left.

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