Sign on a wall outside Kafka's house in Prague

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Franz Kafka Museum

Malá Strana

This much-hyped and slightly overpriced exhibition on the life and work of Prague’s most famous literary son, entitled ‘City of K’, explores the intimate relationship between the writer and the city that shaped him, through the use of original letters, photographs, quotations, period newspapers and publications, and video and sound installations.

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1. Proudy (David Černý Sculpture)

0.01 MILES

Sounds of laughter and clicking cameras greet Proudy (2004) by David Černý, a saucy animatronic sculpture of two guys pissing in a puddle shaped like…

2. Vojan Gardens

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While less manicured than most of Malá Strana’s parks, Vojan Gardens is a popular spot with locals (mostly because it's free) who like to come here to…

3. Charles Bridge

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Strolling across Charles Bridge is everybody’s favourite Prague activity. However, by 9am it’s a 500m-long fairground, with an army of tourists squeezing…

4. Karel Zeman Museum

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Bohemia-born director Karel Zeman (1910–89) was a pioneer of movie special effects, though his work is little known. This fascinating museum, established…

5. Malá Strana Bridge Tower

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There are two towers at the Malá Strana end of Charles Bridge. The taller one was built in the mid-15th century in imitation of the Staré Město tower; it…

6. Wallenstein Garden

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This huge, free, baroque garden is an oasis of peace amid the bustle of Malá Strana's streets. Created for Duke Albrecht of Wallenstein in the 17th…

7. John Lennon Wall

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After his murder on 8 December 1980, John Lennon became a pacifist hero for many young Czechs. An image of Lennon was painted on a wall in a secluded…

8. Old Town Bridge Tower


This elegant late-14th-century tower was built not only as a fortification but also as a triumphal arch marking the entrance to the Old Town. Like the…