Wallenstein Riding Hall

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Wallenstein Garden

Malá Strana

This huge, free, baroque garden is an oasis of peace amid the bustle of Malá Strana's streets. Created for Duke Albrecht of Wallenstein in the 17th century, its finest feature is the huge loggia decorated with scenes from the Trojan Wars, flanked on one side by an enormous fake stalactite grotto – see how many hidden animals and grotesque faces you can spot.

The bronze statues of Greek gods lining the avenue opposite the loggia are copies – the originals were carted away by marauding Swedes in 1648 and now stand outside the royal palace of Drottningholm near Stockholm. At the eastern end of the garden is an ornamental pond, home to some seriously large carp, and the Wallenstein Riding School, which hosts temporary exhibitions. Enter the garden through a gate beside Malostranská metro station, the main entrance on Letenská, or through Wallenstein Palace.

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