Museum of Public Transport


The Prague Public Transport Authority's museum, located just west of Dejvice, is more fun than it sounds. There are plenty of old-timer streetcars to climb, and the maps section, showing how the system has changed over the decades, is fascinating.

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1. Nový Svět Quarter

0.24 MILES

In the 16th century, houses were built for castle staff in an enclave of curving cobblestone streets down the slope north of the Loreta. Today these…

2. Loreta

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The Loreta is a baroque place of pilgrimage founded by Benigna Kateřina Lobkowicz in 1626, designed as a replica of the supposed Santa Casa (Sacred House;…

3. Černín Palace

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The castle's former horse-riding school is used as a venue for temporary exhibitions on various subjects, from architectural history to modern art.

6. Falconer's House


For those with a particular interest in falconry, the latest exhibition to open at Prague Castle is a 17th-century falconer's house located near the…

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The same Swedish army that looted the famous bronzes in the Wallenstein Garden in 1648 also nicked Rudolf II’s art treasures. This gallery in the castle's…

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