Technical Museum


Brno's Technical Museum highlights technical and industrial progress over the last two centuries and is worth a half-day of anyone's time. Don't miss the panoptikon on the first floor; this huge wooden stereoscope allows up to 20 viewers to look at 3D images from antique glass slides that are changed on a regular basis. The location is 3km north of the centre.

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1. Brno Observatory & Planetarium

1.62 MILES

Brno's impressive planetarium and its rotating programme of space-themed projections will wow younger kids. Most of the shows are narrated in Czech,…

2. Vila Tugendhat

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Brno had a reputation in the 1920s as a centre for modern architecture in the Bauhaus style. Arguably the finest example is this family villa, designed by…

3. City Zoological Garden


Brno's City Zoological Garden on the outskirts of town, about 5km northwest of the centre, occupies a lovely setting and has a wide variety of animals…

4. Špilberk Castle

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Brno's spooky hilltop castle is considered the city's most important landmark. Its history stretches back to the 13th century, when it was home to…

5. Church of St James


This austere 15th-century church contains a baroque pulpit with reliefs of Christ dating from 1525. But the biggest draw is a small stone figure known as…

6. Ossuary at St James


This ghoulish 20-minute tour through the former burial grounds and crypts below the Church of St James displays the collected bones and remains of some 50…

8. Mintmaster's Cellar


These medieval cellars were discovered during excavation work carried out in 1999. On display is a permanent exhibition of mining and minting, which were…