Ancient Kition


Much of the original city-kingdom of Kition is covered by present-day Larnaka. The sparse remains that have been unearthed, referred to as Area II, lie about 1km northwest of the central city. A raised runway takes you over the remains of Cyclopean walls. Most remarkable are the remnants of five temples (from the 13th century BC) and the ship depictions etched into the walls of the nearby ancient port. The latter confirmed that the city was founded by sea-trading Mycenaeans.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Larnaka attractions

1. Larnaka Archaeological Museum

0.29 MILES

Larnaka’s one-room archaeological museum is sparse on information but houses a wide collection of ceramics from nearby sites. The collection's highlights…

2. Natural History Museum

0.51 MILES

This museum presents an excellent introduction to the natural history of the island, with exhibits dedicated to fauna, flora, geology, insects and marine…

3. Pierides Archaeological Foundation

0.55 MILES

This museum was established in 1839 by Demetrios Pierides as a protective answer to the region’s notorious tomb raiders and the illegal selling of the…

4. Municipal Art Gallery

0.57 MILES

This small gallery is made up of five adjoining colonial-style stone warehouses built by the British in 1881. Three of them show contemporary artworks by…

5. Kyriazis Medical Museum


If you happen to be in Larnaka on a Wednesday or Saturday, and have a passion for medical history – or just like quirky museums – hop along here. This…

6. Finikoudes Beach

0.77 MILES

This clean, shallow beach is highly popular despite not being particularly pretty. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be hired for between €2 and €3, and there are…

7. Byzantine Museum

0.81 MILES

Located in the courtyard of the Agios Lazaros complex, this museum originally contained many priceless relics and artefacts. Unfortunately, much of the…

8. Agios Lazaros

0.81 MILES

This 9th-century church is dedicated to Lazarus of Bethany, whom Jesus is said to have resurrected four days after his death. The church itself is an…