Cape Kiti & Perivolia


Southwest of Larnaka, these two adjoining narrow beaches have large, white stones and shallow waters. The Perivolia side of the cape is often exposed to tremendous winds, ideal for kite- and windsurfing. You’ll need to have your own equipment, though.

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1. Panagia Angeloktisti

2.66 MILES

Literally meaning ‘built by angels’, the church is home to the extraordinary 6th-century Mosaic of the Virgin Mary. The mosaic was discovered in 1952 amid…

2. Hala Sultan Tekkesi

4.43 MILES

Surrounded by date palms, cypress and olive trees, this late-18th-century mosque and tekke (shrine) sits wistfully on the edge of Larnaka’s salt lake…

3. Makenzy Beach

5.21 MILES

Larnaka's most popular beach has all the facilities needed for a day in the sun, including plenty of cafes and restaurants rimming the promenade. It’s…

4. Larnaka Salt Lake

5.41 MILES

During winter this protected reserve fills with rainwater, creating an important migratory habitat for flamingos, wild ducks and water fowl. As summer…

5. Kamares Aqueduct

6.05 MILES

Sanctioned in 1746 by Ottoman governor Bekir Pasha, and built in classical Roman style – some historians believe it is actually a Roman creation that was…

6. Zenobia

6.05 MILES

For divers, the one reason to come to Larnaka is to explore the Zenobia, a Swedish-built cargo ship that sank just off the coast of Larnaka in 1980…

7. Turkish Quarter

6.35 MILES

Strolling the streets of the old Turkish neighbourhood of Skala is a glimpse into the Cyprus of old. This quaint district is a watercolour-worthy scene of…

8. Grand Mosque

6.42 MILES

Located at the beginning of Larnaka’s Turkish quarter, with its maze of sleepy whitewashed streets, the Grand Mosque is the spiritual home of Larnaka’s…