Bioparque Rocazul

Holguín Province

Located just off the link road that joins Playa Turquesa with the other Pesquero resorts, this protected park in Parque Natural Cristóbal Colón offers the usual hand-holding array of outdoor activities under the supervision of a nonnegotiable government guide. It's a commendable environmental effort in a major resort area, but the limitations are that it can be a little stifling (and costly).

There are leisurely walking excursions (first hour CUC$8, per extra hour CUC$2), horseback riding on healthy animals (per hour CUC$16) and reef fishing (CUC$49). If you plan to stay the whole day, opt for the 'day in the country' package (CUC$40). The park is extensive with hills, trails, a (depressing) mini-zoo aimed at kids, and ocean access. You can also overnight in a cabin. There's a friendly bar at the entrance to the park where you can weigh up the options.

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