Museo de Historia Provincial

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Now a national monument, the building on the northern side of Parque Calixto García was constructed between 1860 and 1868 and was used as a Spanish army barracks during the independence wars. It was nicknamed La Periquera (Parrot Cage) for the red, yellow and green uniforms of the Spanish soldiers who stood guard.

The prize exhibit is an old axe-head carved in the likeness of a man, known as the Hacha de Holguín (Holguín Axe), thought to have been made by indigenous inhabitants in the early 1400s and discovered in 1860. Looking even sharper in its polished glass case is a sword that once belonged to national hero and poet, José Martí.

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1. Parque Calixto García

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2. Casa Natal de Calixto García

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3. Biblioteca Alex Urquiola

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In the southwestern corner of Parque Calixto García is this bright gallery, Holguín's best. It shares space with Biblioteca Alex Urquiola.

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7. Galería Holguín

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Situated in a colonial building, the Galería Holguín displays a revolving cache of good local art.

8. Iglesia de San José

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The Iglesia de San José features a distinctive dome with a bell tower (1842), once used by the Independistas as a lookout.