Museo de Historia Natural

Holguín Province

Housed in a worn colonial palace (more interesting than the stuffed stuff it collects) is the Museo de Historia Natural. Through barred windows you can watch women rolling cheroots in the cigar factory across the square.

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1. Parque Calixto García

0.03 MILES

A central plaza lined with weird robles africanos, African oaks with large pods. The Statue of Liberty in front commemorates the Spanish–Cuban–American…

2. Iglesia de San Fulgencio

0.05 MILES

Built in 1850, this church still gleams from its last renovation. Twin cupolas face Parque Calixto García, and its hushed stately interior is worth a peek.

3. El Cañonazo

0.06 MILES

There's nothing else quite like this in Cuba. Known as the patriot, Miguel Flores has a quirky collection of homemade satire memorabilia featuring the…

4. Spanish Fort

0.33 MILES

At the top of Calle Cabada, this crumbling brick Spanish fort with graceful arches provides stunning town and bay views. Continue on this street for 200m…

5. Caverna de Panaderos

1.09 MILES

This complex cave system with 19 galleries and a lengthy underground trail is close to town at the top end of Calle Independencia. Guides are required as…

6. Playa Blanca


Across the bay from Gibara, this small sandy beach begs for bathers. From the Gibara dock, take a local lancha (open boat ferry; CUC$2) across Bahía de…

7. Parque Nacional Monumento Bariay

6.84 MILES

Ten kilometers west of Playa Pesquero and 3km west of Villa Don Lino is Playa Blanca. Columbus landed somewhere near here in 1492. The meeting of two…

8. Playa Caletones

10.2 MILES

A lovely little beach 17km northwest of Gibara, this stretch of white sand and azure sea is a favorite of Holguín vacationers. The town is ramshackle,…