Necropolis de Camagüey


This sea of elaborate, lop-sided, bleached-white Gothic tombs makes up Cuba's most underrated cemetery, secreting the resting place of Camagüey-born independence hero Ignacio Agramonte, among others. It might not quite have the clout of Havana's Cementerio Colón but isn't too far behind in its roll call of famous incumbents.

Agramonte lies halfway down the second avenue on the left after the entrance (the blue-painted tomb). Harder to find are the tombs of Camagüey freedom-fighters Tomás Betancourt or Salvador Cisneros Betancourt (one-time president of Cuba); show up for tours that depart from the entrance behind Iglesia de San Cristo de Buen Viaje (early to mid-morning is best).

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