Galerija Nova


This independent art space is run by the WHW (Što, Kako i za Koga?) curatorial collective, known for their probing of politically and socially sensitive topics. The small space has a lively line-up of exhibits, performances, happenings and talks.

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1. Archaeological Museum

0.06 MILES

Spread over three floors, the artefacts housed here stretch from the prehistoric era to the medieval age. The 2nd floor holds the most interesting – and…

2. Zrinjevac


Officially called Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog but lovingly known as Zrinjevac, this verdant square is a major hang-out during sunny weekends and hosts pop…

3. Zagreb 360° Observation Deck

0.13 MILES

Don't expect the dizzying heights of observation decks elsewhere: Zagreb's tallest central high-rise is a minnow in the skyscraper category. However, this…

4. Gallery of Modern Art

0.14 MILES

Take in this glorious display of work by Croatian artists from the last 200 years, including such 19th- and 20th-century masters as Bukovac, Mihanović and…

5. Equestrian Statue

0.15 MILES

This statue of Ban Jelačić, the 19th-century ban (viceroy or governor) who led Croatian troops into an unsuccessful battle with Hungary in the hope of…

6. Trg Bana Jelačića

0.15 MILES

Zagreb’s main orientation point and its geographic heart is Trg Bana Jelačića – it's where most people arrange to meet up. If you enjoy people-watching,…

7. Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters

0.16 MILES

The 2nd floor of the stately 19th-century neo-Renaissance Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences building showcases the impressive fine-art collection…

8. Xenophora Mural

0.19 MILES

These mammoth photo-realistic shells on the brick facade of the building on the corner of Ɖorđićeva and Petrinjska are the work of Croatian street artist…