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Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Airport is in Čilipi, 19km southeast of Dubrovnik. Croatia Airlines, British Airways, Iberica, Turkish Airlines and Vueling fly to Dubrovnik year-round. In summer they're joined by dozens of other airlines flying seasonal routes and charter flights.

Croatia Airlines has domestic flights from Zagreb (year-round), Split and Osijek (both May to October only). Trade Air has seasonal flights to/from Rijeka and Split.

Transport Options

Atlas runs the airport shuttle bus, timed around flight schedules. Buses to Dubrovnik stop at the Pile Gate and the bus station; buses to the airport pick up from the bus station and from the bus stop near the cable car.

City buses 11, 27 and 38 also stop at the airport but are less frequent and take longer (28KN, seven daily, no Sunday service).

Allow up to 280KN for a taxi to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik Transfer Services ( offers a set-price taxi transfer service to the city (€30) and Cavtat (€16), and to as far away as Zagreb, Sarajevo, Podgorica and Tirana.


The ferry terminal is in Gruž, 3km northwest of the old town. Ferries for Lokrum and Cavtat depart from the Old Harbour.

  • Jadrolinija has four ferries per day to Koločep (23KN, 30 minutes), Lopud (23KN, 55 minutes) and Suđurađ on Šipan (23KN, 1¼ hours); an additional seven to 10 per week also head to Suđurađ (23KN, one hour), with some stopping at Lopud (23KN, one hour) en route. From June to September, there's also a daily catamaran to Korčula (130KN, two hours), Hvar (210KN, 3½ hours), Bol (210KN, 4¾ hours) and Split (210KN, six hours). From April to November, one to four car ferries per week travel between Dubrovnik and Bari in Italy (passenger/car from €44/59, 10 hours).
  • G&V Line has a daily catamaran to Šipanska Luka on Šipan (35KN, 50 minutes) and to Sobra on Mljet (55KN, 1¼ hours). On Tuesdays and Thursdays in May a second boat heads directly to Sobra and then on to Ubli on Lastovo (95KN, four hours). In June this boat runs daily to Sobra and Polače on Mljet (70KN, 1¾ hours), continuing to Ubli on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In July and August it also adds a stop at Korčula (90KN, 2½ hours) four times a week. Tickets can be purchased from the kiosk by the harbour 30 minutes prior to departure (an hour prior in July and August). A limited batch is released for online purchase and must be printed to board.
  • Kapetan Luka has a daily fast boat from May to mid-October to/from Pomena on Mljet (80KN, 1¼ hours), Korčula (130KN, 1¾ hours), Hvar (210KN, three hours), Milna on Brač (210KN, 3¾ hours) and Split (210KN, 4¼ hours). From June to September another daily boat goes to Sobra on Mljet (80KN, 55 minutes), Korčula (130KN, two hours), Makarska (160KN, 3¼ hours), Bol on Brač (210KN, four hours) and Split (210KN, five hours).


Buses from Dubrovnik Bus Station can be crowded, so purchase tickets online or book in advance in summer. The station has toilets and a garderoba for storing luggage. Departure times are detailed online.

Domestic destinations include Makarska (104KN, three hours, eight daily), Split (127KN, 4½ hours, 11 daily), Zadar (182KN, eight hours, five daily), Rijeka (248KN, 12½ hours, daily) and Zagreb (259KN, 11¾ hours, 10 daily). Split–Dubrovnik buses pass briefly through Bosnian territory, so keep your passport handy for border-crossing points.

International destinations include Kotor (145KN, two hours, four daily), Budva (160KN, three hours, four daily), Mostar (125KN, 3¼ hours, three daily), Maribor (340KN, 13 hours, three daily) and Vienna (390KN, 17½ hours, three daily).