Golden Gate


The biggest and grandest of the city gates, this was the main processional entrance into Diocletian's Palace. Metal bars once blocked the outer entrance, with a wooden door on the inner section. Look for the carved heads high up on the outside wall.

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1. Grgur Ninski statue

0.02 MILES

Sculpted by Ivan Meštrović, this gargantuan statue is one of the defining images of Split. Its subject, a 10th-century Croatian bishop, fought for the…

2. Split City Museum

0.03 MILES

Built by Juraj Dalmatinac in the 15th century for one of the many noblemen who lived within the old town, the Large Papalić Palace is considered a fine…

3. Gallery of Fine Arts

0.06 MILES

Housed in a building that was the city’s first hospital (1792), this gallery exhibits 400 works of art spanning 700 years. Upstairs is the permanent…

4. Diocletian’s Palace

0.06 MILES

Taking up a prime harborside position, the extraordinary complex of Diocletian's Palace is one of the most imposing ancient Roman structures in existence…

5. Synagogue

0.06 MILES

Built into the western wall of Diocletian's Palace, Split's synagogue is the third-oldest synagogue in Europe that's still in use. Created out of two…

6. Peristil

0.07 MILES

This picturesque colonnaded ancient Roman peristyle (courtyard) lies at the very heart of Diocletian's Palace. In summer you can almost be guaranteed a…

7. Silver Gate

0.07 MILES

Originally a double gate on the eastern wall of Diocletian's Palace, only the inner part of this portal remains, decorated with arches and niches that…

8. Cathedral of St Domnius

0.07 MILES

Split’s octagonal cathedral is one of the best-preserved ancient Roman buildings still standing. It was built as a mausoleum for Diocletian, the last…