Island of Brač Museum

Brač Island

Brač Museum is housed in the Kaštil Radojković, a fortification built during the Venetian-Turkish wars that incorporates part of an ancient Illyrian wall and an extraordinary Roman mausoleum. The collection includes household objects, farm implements and some rather more interesting ancient Roman carvings.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Brač Island attractions

1. Vrilo

3.29 MILES

This beach is close to the ferry wharf, immediately east of the town centre.

2. Church of the Annunciation

3.41 MILES

Built in the 18th century, this elegant triple-naved baroque church and its 35m-high bell tower dominate the historic harbour at the heart of Supetar…

3. Vlačica

3.65 MILES

The closest beach to the west of the old town.

4. Banj

3.88 MILES

Supetar's main beach is a large eastward-facing curve lined with pine trees and beach bars.

5. Supetar Cemetery

3.89 MILES

An unexpected highlight of Supetar is its fascinating cemetery, full of striking sculptural monuments. Grandest of all is the over-the-top Petrinović…

6. Tri Mosta

4.08 MILES

The 'Three Bridges' beach is just past the cemetery. There's a good restaurant at the eastern end, and you can rent boats and jet skis nearby.

7. Vela Luka

4.13 MILES

A lovely little beach set on a peaceful bay.

8. Bili Rat

4.15 MILES

This busy beach is backed with a large resort complex.