Mirador El Silencio

La Fortuna

Set on 22 hectares, this private reserve about 11km west of La Fortuna is a mix of primary and secondary forest, filled with life, from vibrant blue morpho butterflies to three species of monkeys, plus a wide variety of plant life. Four trails are marked with informative signs, not to mention a couple of fabulous lookouts.

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1. Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal

1.45 MILES

From 1968 until 2010, Volcán Arenal was an ever-active and awe-striking natural wonder, producing menacing ash columns, massive explosions and streams of…

2. Arenal Natura

3.32 MILES

Located 6km west of La Fortuna, this is a well-manicured nature experience that includes frogs, turtles, snakes and crocs, all in their appointed places…

3. Catarata Río Fortuna

4.45 MILES

You can glimpse the sparkling 70m ribbon of clear water that pours through a sheer canyon of dark volcanic rock arrayed in bromeliads and ferns with…

4. Arenal EcoZoo

4.46 MILES

This snake house offers a hands-on animal experience, as in, handling and milking a venomous snake. It's home to a red-tailed boa (one of the largest…

6. Venado Caves

5.23 MILES

Two kilometers northeast of Venado (Spanish for ‘deer’) along a good dirt road, these caves are an adventurous excursion into an eight-chamber limestone…

7. Catholic Church

5.92 MILES

This prominent landmark oversees the central plaza of La Fortuna. The landscaped green is often dotted with outdoor art exhibits and souvenir stands, and…

8. Ecocentro Danaus

7.52 MILES

This center, 4km east of town, has a well-developed trail system that’s excellent for birding, as well as for spotting mammals such as coatis and agoutis …