Eyelash Viper, Bothriechis schlegelii, in tree, Costa Rica

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Herpetarium Adventure

Monteverde & Santa Elena

For those who prefer their reptiles under glass (or at least behind it), a guide will show you around and introduce you to more than 50 species of slithery snakes, frogs, lizards, turtles and other cold-blooded critters. Your ticket entitles you to a return visit after dark, when the nocturnal species come out. Guided tours leave every 90 minutes between noon and 6pm.

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1. Jardín de Orquídeas

0.08 MILES

This sweet-smelling garden in Santa Elena has shady trails winding past more than 500 types of orchids. On your guided tour, you’ll see such rarities as…

2. Iglesia

0.14 MILES

A local landmark in the center of Santa Elena. The adjacent roasted-chicken shack apparently has no religious affiliation.

3. Ranario

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Returning to its former glory as the Ranario, or Frog Pond (it's changed names a few times), this place also features an insect house. The frogs are still…

4. El Arbol Hueco

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There's no sign, no website, and last we checked, nobody was collecting any money for this delightful roadside attraction. It's simply a hollowed-out fig…

5. Butterfly Garden

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Head here for everything you ever wanted to know about butterflies. There are four gardens representing different habitats; they're home to more than 40…

6. Bat Jungle

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The Bat Jungle in Monteverde is a small but informative exhibit, with good bilingual educational displays and a habitat housing almost 100 free-flying…

7. Friends Meeting House

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This simple meeting house in Monteverde is the ‘church’ of the American Society of Friends, or the Quakers, who first settled this area and committed to…

8. Reserva Santa Elena

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The exquisitely misty 310-hectare Reserva Santa Elena offers a completely different cloud forest experience from Monteverde. Cutting through the veiled…