Proyecto Asis

Arenal & Northern Lowlands

It’s an animal rescue center. It’s a volunteer project. It’s Spanish classes. This community-based organization is doing a lot of good, and you can help. The introductory experience is a two-hour tour of the wildlife rescue center, but it’s worth springing for the half- or full-day ‘volunteering’ experience, which includes hands-on interaction with the animals. You'll see monkeys and birds, as well as pizotes, peccaries and more. Close-toed shoes are obligatory; bug repellent is recommended.

Most the animals have been seized from private hands (it's illegal in Costa Rica to have wild animals as pets) and some, but not all, are returned to the wild. There's also wild, uncaged animals onsite, such as birds – including a growing colony of boat-billed herons, toucans and manakins – plus caimans and bats. Keep a sharp eye out.

Asis also offers homestays in the local community. It’s located in Jabillo, about halfway between Ciudad Quesada and La Fortuna. Any Fortuna–Quesada bus which passes through Chachagua (US$2.80, 40 min) can drop you here; just ask the driver. Asis can also arrange a taxi for you. Reserve at least a day in advance.

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