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Colombia is famous for its coffee, but nowhere is the prized bean more important than in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío, which together make up the heart of the Zona Cafetera, also called the Eje Cafetero (Coffee Axis). Here you'll find jeeps packed with mustachioed coffee pickers; poncho-wearing senior citizens gossiping in cafes; and, of course, endless cups of piping hot arabica. Many working... Read More

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3-Day Biking and Hiking; Nature, Coffee, Culture and Cocora Valley from Pereira

Day 1: Meet in Pereira. Transfer to Coffee Farm. (L, D)Pickup time: After 1:00 p.m.You will go by Jeep Willys to the coffee farm, outside of Pereira. This afternoon, you will experience everything about Colombian Coffee, the icon of our country. Every sense will come alive to listen to, smell, see, and taste one of the best coffees in the world.Day 2: Estación Pereira – The Route of the Local Means of Transport. (B, L, D)Wake up early to experience everything about Colombian coffee, the icon of our country. Every sense will come alive to listen to, smell, see and taste one of the best coffees in the world. Later, ride a bike through coffee cultivation in the Andes Mountains and descend to one of the most important rivers in Colombia, the Cauca River. There, embark the “Brujita” a unique transportation system that has a wooden platform and ball bearings that displace over the rails of the antique train track, an emotion-filled journey. Next, take another native Colombian transportation system called “Garrucha” that is a basket made of metal and wood that hangs from steel cables which allows you to cross the Cauca River to reach the banks of a town named Belalcazar, Caldas. Rest and walk approximately 30 minutes to a series of waterfalls, the ideal place to swim in cool, pristine waters. To complete the day, lunch is a delicious chicken soup “Sancocho”, a typical dish from our country.Day 3: Valle de Cocora and Salento – Hiking in the Cradle of the Wax Palm. (B, L)Discover and hike one of the most beautiful and interesting routes in the Coffee Region. Tropical woods surrounded by Wax Palm Trees, the beautiful sound of birds, and an unparalleled landscape that leads to the Home of the Hummingbirds, a nature reserve that will touch you with its wings. Learn about the biodiversity of the cloud forests, the animals that live here, and the importance of this ecosystem for our region. After seeping yourself in nature, visit Salento, a village filled with charm and magic, with colorful balconies, artisan stores, culture, and a history that will take you on a journey to the past. To recharge batteries, there’s nothing better than a traditional lunch of trout and fried plantain.You will begin the drive back to the airport or hotel in Pereira at 4:00 p.m.

$167 Day Trips & Excursions

Pijao and Cordoba with Coffee Tasting

Transfer from meeting point established previously to the town of Cordoba. On the road, you enjoy three sensory experiences, where Quindio’s flavors are expressed in 7 drinks of the region and a funny dietetic crackling. Upon arriving in Cordoba, we will go back in time, traveling to the origin of world’s best coffee, with a passionate woman that produces coffee you will learn the process that made Colombian coffee bean be recognized as the best for its softness. On the way to Pijao, we begin hunting landscapes. The route allows to admire the foothills of Quindio, changing green and its blue mountains. Charming Pijao is the slow city in Latin America. Hidden among mountains, it is witness of human effort made by the families of the region. Nowadays, it is part of the villages included in the Coffee Cultural Landscape declaration. We have lunch in a beautiful traditional house with a view to the main square. Walk its streets, get a surprise in latte art and live experiences of everyday life. Transfer to Hacienda La Mina where you can enjoy a viewpoint and good cup of coffee.

$120 Day Trips & Excursions

Serranía del Nudo, Nature and Coffee Tasting

The experience begins, by being transported on an authentic vehicle from the Colombian coffee region (Yipao), to a butterfly garden where you will enjoy a short tour of a forest in recovery, with colorful butterflies. You continue the journey to the Serrania del Nudo, an important natural park, climbing to vantage points from which Pereira, Dosquebradas Santa Rosa, Marsella, the foothills of Quindio and Los Nevados National Natural Pak can be seen . You will then continue to have lunch in a traditional farm that runs a family restaurant that welcomes you to enjoy the flavors of the coffee region. In the afternoon, after a pleasant walk, you will reach the highest point of the mountains, Las Hortensias, with its unique viewpoint. Continue the tour in Yipao, admiring the mountain scenery on direction to enjoy a cup of coffee. In this last experience, the best kept secrets of Colombian coffee are discovered, knowing the effort to get a quality unparalleled in the world.

$200 Day Trips & Excursions

Filandia and Natural Reserve Day Trip from Pereira

We will visit a private nature reserve, where you walk through a sub-Andean forest. There you can see a sample of the biodiversity of fauna and flora of Coffee Cultural Landscape and perhaps see red howler monkeys in the wild. Afterwards we will proceed to Filandia, the daughter of the Andes in the Eden, which is Quindio in Quimbaya language, where lunch is a gastronomic experience made of fusion cuisine and prepared with typical local products. In the afternoon, with a local historian, we will walk through the main streets observing the village's architecture with a variety of shapes and colors. Share the experience of learning a local craft with an authentic craftsman, live the challenge of weaving with your own hands a basket from natural fibers. Before travelling back enjoy a good cup of coffee at a beautiful viewpoint in El Tambo de Cruces.

$190 Day Trips & Excursions

Cocora Valley, Salento and Coffee Tasting

To discover the Coffee Cultural Landscape is to be in contact with nature, coffee culture and the shapes and colors of the houses in its villages. In Salento and the Cocora Valley, we have these three experiences in one day. In the morning, we will visit Cocora Valley where we will walk under the highest wax palms in the world, going up to the mountain to meet the mysterious cloud forest. We will have lunch at one of the best restaurants in the region and then you will liven up with your own hands a wax palm from Quindio, Colombia's national tree. In the afternoon, we will visit "Finca El Ocaso", to learn more about the coffee process and to discover the best kept secrets of Colombian coffee. At the end of the day, we will walk through the charming streets of Salento, the main square and its viewpoints.

$140 Day Trips & Excursions

Otun Quimbaya's Flora and Fauna Sanctuary

Not so far away from Pereira, one of the most threatened Andean forests on the planet is preserved. Nowadays, Otun Quimbaya Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, next to the Otun river, protects biodiversity species of the Andes that are disappearing elsewhere. Find out with our environmental tour guide, the secrets of diversity in plants and animals. Perceive the birds singing, look them in their foliage and understand why this country has the highest number of species of birds on the planet. Pay special attention to the top of the trees, because somewhere, a family of red howler monkeys, may look at you from the distance. During the day, enjoy a sub Andean forest trail. You will have a walk to visit a beautiful waterfall where the breeze and humidity will make you feel the life that happens in these mountains.