Recinto del Pensamiento

Zona Cafetera

Set in the cloud forest 11km from Manizales, this nature park has a fine mariposario (butterfly enclosure), several short walks through an impressive orchid-populated forest, and a medicinal herb garden. You'll also see plantations of guadua and chusqué (two kinds of Colombian bamboo). There's even a telesilla – a kind of chairlift that takes you up the mountain slope on which the park sits. To get here, take the bus marked Sera Maltería from Cable Plaza in Manizales or take a taxi (COP$12,000).

Admission includes 2½ hours of mandatory guide service; a couple of the guides speak some English. There's impressive birdlife here – book in advance for bird-watching tours run on demand from 6am to 9am and 2pm to 5pm (COP$70,000). Wear brown or green clothes and bring binoculars.

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