Hacienda Guayabal

Zona Cafetera

This slow-paced working coffee farm near Chinchiná is a great place to come and unwind while surrounded by cafetero culture. It runs an excellent tour that follows the coffee process from the plant to the cup and includes a tasting workshop at the end.

To get here, take an Autolujo bus from Manizales to Chinchiná (COP$3500, 30 minutes). A taxi from Chinchiná direct to the door costs COP$10,000.

The experience here is a bit more personal than those offered by some of the larger outfits and the guides are keen to share their knowledge. Bags of the coffee are available to purchase as souvenirs.

Make sure you stay for lunch – the traditional farm-style food here is absolutely delicious and vegetarians are well catered for. You can hang around afterwards to use the pool.

There's also fine bird-watching on the property with more than 160 species identified, including three endemics. If you want to stay longer, it offers simple, functional accommodations (rooms per person including breakfast COP$70,000) in a modern house set up on a hill, with magnificent views over the surrounding plantations. For more privacy, book one of the fine cabañas (per person including breakfast COP$100,000 to COP$140,000) that cling to the hillside and boast private balconies with breathtaking panoramas. The spacious, light-filled suite is particularly appealing, with its massive windows and attractive indoor/outdoor bathroom.

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