Museo de la Ciudad


Next to the lookout Cerro Nutibara you'll find the Museo de la Ciudad, a small museum dedicated to the history of Medellín that often showcases atmospheric ye olde sepia photographs of the city.

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Nearby Medellín attractions

1. Cerro Nutibara

0.03 MILES

On top of this 80m-tall hill, 2km southwest of the city center, sits the kitschy Pueblito Paisa, a miniature version of a typical Antioquian township,…

2. Monumento a la Raza


Rodrigo Arenas Betancur, Colombia's favorite designer of monuments, has a number of pieces around Medellín, but the most impressive work is this one in…

3. Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín

0.92 MILES

Set around a refurbished industrial building in Ciudad del Río, 'El MAMM' showcases changing exhibitions of contemporary art. The large new wing houses…

4. Monumento a la Vida


This spectacular 14m-high, 975-tonne, concrete-and-bronze sculpture by Rodrigo Arenas Betancur symbolizes the circle of life. Look out for the corn husk…

5. Ermita de la Veracruz

1.24 MILES

Constructed with funds from European immigrants, this fine church inaugurated in 1803 is the only colonial-style temple in the city and features a stone…

6. Basílica de la Candelaria

1.26 MILES

Medellín's most important church stands guard over Parque Berrío and was constructed in the 1770s on the site of an earlier wooden structure. It features…

7. Iglesia de San José

1.29 MILES

This landmark church on Av Oriental has immense stained-glass panels that light up the facade in the evenings.