Las Bóvedas


The bóvedas are 23 dungeons built between 1792 and 1796 and hidden within the 15m-thick city walls. They were the last major construction project carried out in colonial times and were destined for military purposes. The vaults were used by the Spaniards as storerooms for munitions and provisions. Later, during the republican era, they were turned into a jail. Today they house rather touristy craft and souvenir shops.

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1. Casa de Rafael Núñez

0.11 MILES

This charming mansion, just outside the walls of Las Bóvedas, was the home of the former president, lawyer and poet Rafael Núñez. He wrote the words of…

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7. Catedral


Work on Cartagena’s cathedral began in 1575, but in 1586, while still under construction, it was partly destroyed by the cannons of Francis Drake. The…

8. Muelle Turístico de los Pegasos

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Muelle de los Pegasos is Cartagena's lovely old port on the Bahía de las Ánimas. It's invariably full of fishing, cargo and tourist boats.