Iglesia La Tercera


Boasts a fine stone facade and lovely wood-carved altars in walnut and cedar set on white walls below a wood-carved ceiling.

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1. Iglesia de la Veracruz

0.03 MILES

Iglesia de la Veracruz is known as the National Pantheon because many of the heroes of the struggle for independence have been buried here.

2. Iglesia de San Francisco

0.07 MILES

Built between 1557 and 1621, the Church of San Francisco is Bogotá's oldest surviving church. In the atmospherically dark interior, with its extravagant…

3. Museo del Oro


Bogotá's most famous museum and one of the most fascinating in South America, the Gold Museum contains more than 55,000 pieces of gold and other materials…

4. Palacio de Justicia

0.33 MILES

On the northern side of the plaza, this massive, rather styleless edifice serves as the seat of the Supreme Court.

7. Catedral Primada

0.37 MILES

This neoclassical cathedral stands on the site where the first Mass may have been celebrated after Bogotá was founded in 1538 (some historians argue that…

8. Plaza de Bolívar

0.38 MILES

The usual place to start discovering Bogotá is the giant concrete Plaza de Bolívar, the heart of the original town. What it lacks in green foliage it…