Zhong Pond


Eight (the number mirroring the eight trigrams of the bāguà) lanes radiate from this pond at the heart of the village. The feng shui symbol of the Zhuge, the circular pond resembles the Chinese twin-fish, yīn-yáng tàijí diagram, half filled in and the other half occupied with water.

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Nearby Zhejiang attractions

1. Dagong Hall

0.02 MILES

This splendid memorial hall overlooking the tàijí diagram pond at the centre of the village is a huge, airy space with a pairing of huge black Chinese…

3. Tianyi Hall

0.11 MILES

Tianyi Hall is a pretty structure to begin with but what is more fascinating is the garden in the back, with hundreds of potted plants all used for…

4. Dajing Hall

0.14 MILES

This old hall houses a traditional Chinese medicine museum with lots of jarred specimens. Unfortunately there's no English.

5. Zhuge

0.14 MILES

Traditional Chinese village architecture and feng shui planning have created a village laid out according to the bāguà (八卦, eight trigrams) of the I Ching…

6. Yongmu Hall

0.15 MILES

This fine Ming dynasty hall features an eye-catching central stone door frame plus an exhibition dedicated to local culture.

7. Shouchun Hall

0.17 MILES

One of Zhuge’s 18 halls, Shouchun Hall is a long sequence of chambers and courtyards alongside the rectangular Lower Pond (下搪, Xià Táng).

8. Xishan Ancestral Temple

5.97 MILES

Dedicated to the ancestors of the Ye clan, this peach of an ancestral hall dates back to the Yuan dynasty.