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$105 Day Trips & Excursions

Wuzhen Water Town Day Tour from Hangzhou

Your Wuzhen water town tour begins with coach pickup from your Hangzhou hotel. Stop at the Hundred-Bed Museum (Zhao Hall), the first museum in China to collect and exhibit ancient beds of the Jiangnan area. See the luxurious carvings and elaborate designs on these antique beds and listen as your expert guide shares stories reflecting this unique cultural account of ancient Chinese civilization.Later on visit the Sanbai Wine Workshop, the only remaining winery in Wuzhen, built during the Song Dynasty. Brewing liquor was a huge industry in Wuzhen during the Ming Dynasty. There were over 20 distilleries in operation at the time. Witness how wine is made using traditional techniques.Afterwards visit the Hongyuan Thai dye house to see the time-honored art of making indigo-dyed printed calico. Wuzhen is one of the principal sources of this flower-printed blue cloth. Elderly women still carry on the folk tradition of carefully weaving this textile. Watch the painstaking method of creating it and marvel at the final product of striking embossed blue cloth.After a local Chinese style lunch, engage yourself in a unique display of Chinese performing arts - the shadow play show. This is an exceptional storytelling experience as the characters are handmade leather puppets behind a screen with a cast light upon them forming silhouettes. Accompanied by Chinese traditional instruments, such as the erhu and the flute, shadow play is a universally renowned Chinese cultural spectacle.Finally no visit to a water town will be complete without taking a boat ride (optional) down the river. Board a rowboat and relax as you enjoy the sights of the old town and see people going about their daily lives. Float over the calm water and pass under picturesque stone bridges. After your boat ride take a walk around the town and then we will drive you back to your hotel in Hangzhou.

$139.54 Day Trips & Excursions

Wuzhen Water Town 2-Day Tour by Bullet Train from Shanghai

Wuzhen is well known for its ancient stone bridges, stone pathways, and delicate wood carvings. Originally it is connected by rivers and canal, and divided into 4 areas: Dongzha, Xizha, Nanzha, and Beizha. "Zha" is wooden dam in Chinese, "Dong" is East, "Xi" is West, "Nan" is Souch, and "Bei" is North. Till now Xizha and Dongzha are the best reserved areas.Day 1Make your own way to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (make sure you get to the station 30 minutes prior to train departure time). Use your passport to redeem your first-class paper ticket (round trips) at the ticketing counter. Your eTicket will be reserved in advance by your local tour operator. It takes 40 minutes by the fastest bullet train from Shanghai to Tongxiang Railway Station (the closest railway station to  Wuzhen).Upon arrival, a local driver will hold your name sign, and pick you up from Tongxiang Railway Station. Enjoy free time for the rest of the day.You will stay overnight in an oriental-style hotel in a well-reserved district of Xizha, located in ancient town of Wuzhen. It offers you a chance to enjoy the beauty of Wuzhen after dark. Day 2 (B)Free time to explore Wuzhen by yourself.  Your admission ticket is available for both Xizha and Dongzha. Some highlights you can see include the Hundred-Bed Museum, Wine Distillery Workshop, Hongyuantai Dyehouse, and a shadow play show.  Hundred-Bed Museum, also known as Zhao's Hall, has a numerous collection of ancient beds made in Ming and Qing dynasties and modern times, reflecting the centuries-old Chinese civilization. As the only one distillery still in existence, Gaogongsheng Distillery produces a kind of alcohol named Sanbai Wine, Duta Alcohol or Three Whites Wine because it is made with white rice, white flour and white water (pure water). The alcohol is famous for its soft and lasting mellowness. Take a workshop here.  Hongyuantai Dyehouse was founded in the Song Dynasty, where is a great place to appreciate how Chinese people make cloth in a traditional way and witness the process of how the local people make Chinese blue calico.Shadow Play is a form of entertainment created by projecting the shadow of cattle- or sheep-hide puppets on to a screen.  You will be picked up from your hotel lobby in the late afternoon, and be transferred to Tongxiang railway station. Then take bullet train back to Shanghai.For accommodation options, you can choose one from following upon booking: Standard Class: TongAn Hotel Package for twin beds Deluxe Class: Splendid Clubhouse Package for King Size bed.

$135 Private & Custom Tours

PRIVATE TOUR ---- One Day Excursion to Wuzhen

The ancient, well-protected village of Wuzhen lies north of Zhejiang province, only about 3 hours from Shanghai. Enter a romantic atmosphere of ancient docks, waterside pavilions, and corridors that stretch out for miles, all typical of Jiangnan water towns. Visit the Ancient Bed Exhibition Hall, a unique museum filled with ancient beds from the Jiangnan area, here we will experience a variety of stories and traditions. Afterwards, enjoy visiting the wood carving hall, which is known for the wood carvings that cover most of its structure. Not only is it constructed of beautiful carvings, it also now holds them as a wood carving and architectural museum. Our visit to a traditional performance stage will show you a small square stage where actors perform Shaoxing, Peking and flower-drum operas. Finally, visit the Gongsheng Winery where you will have the chance to drink San Bai Wine and learn about the wine making process. This experience is also available in a private format. Immerse yourself in the history of Shanghai with the assistance of your own personal guide!

$101 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Wuzhen and Xitang Water Town Private Full Day Trip from Shanghai with Lunch and Dinner

Your friendly private guide picks you up from your city hotel at 9:30am, and head up to Wuzhen, a 1,300 years old water town located in northern Zhejiang province.  Upon arrival, stroll along the old town and learn about the Wuzhen’s history from your guide. Enjoy a local lunch and then take a relaxing boat ride along the canals in the afternoon. You can take some nice photos in this charm-laden town. Browse around the narrow, cobbled pathways and cross stone-arched bridges. In the late afternoon, transfer to Xitang, a over 2,000 years delightful water village. The sunset here is amazing!  Your guide will share with you about Xitang’s importance as a window into traditional life around the River Yangtze. As you wander, see some of the sites used as locations in the 2006 movie, Mission Impossible III, starring Tom Cruise. Lastly, have a romantic dinner right by the riverside and overlook the entire ancient town when lights on at night. After dinner, you can take a walk to see the local shops and bars to experience the night life here. When your tour is finished, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Shanghai city.

$56 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Tour from Shanghai to Wuzhen Water Town

Meet your friendly and informative guide in your hotel(downtown only) lobby in Shanghai at 9a.m to start your delightful day tour to Wuzhen.Wuzhen, a 1300-year-old water town on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is a national 5A scenic area and one of China’s top ten historical & cultural towns. In 2001, Wuzhen was named as a candidate for UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List. At the end of 2006, it was included in the revised List of China’s Candidates for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.The Indigo Fabric Workshop is a large print and dye workshop with an area of 2500m². Paved with green bricks, the cloth-drying space is filled with tall poles and terraced cloth frames. In addition to using bluegrass as its fabric, the workshop also employs its unique color roasting technique which can reproduce bright colors from plants belonging to the local flora, such as tea, mulberry bark and tallow leaves, hence its Chinese name, Caomu Bense, which means "true color from plants" in Chinese.The Wedding Museum is the first museum to display the act of marriage as it was historically conducted in this area. This hall, a two-storied complex of four entrances and four courts, consists of the front hall, the wedding hall, the meeting hall, the sedan hall, the worship hall, the colored pavilion, the bridal chamber and the back garden. In these rooms the dowry, decorations, tools, furniture, costumes, jewelry, wedding boats, and musical instruments used during marriage are on display.Renowned as “the land of silk,” Wuzhen is one of China’s most famous centers of silk production. Founded in 1875, Yida Silk Workshop has developed into a vertically integrated business, owning the entire silk production process, from planting mulberry trees, to raising silk worms, to silk reeling, to silk spinning and finally silk weaving. Here visitors can view decades-old mulberry trees growing along the river, watch silk worms growing and spinning their cocoons, try reeling silk themselves on antique machinery, and appreciate some of the beautiful finished silk works on display (some are even considered national treasures).Heal Town Pharmacy: Having existed for over a thousand years, traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of ancient Chinese culture. The pharmaceutical history of Wuzhen is equally rich as a part of that tradition.The tour will end with perfect night view before leaving for Shanghai.

$374 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Wuzhen Water Town Trip from Shanghai

The day begins with pickup from your central Shanghai hotel at around 8:30am. It takes a little under two hours to drive to Wuzhen, famous for its canals and waterfront houses, and make your way to the dazzling old town, where your guide will lead you through some highlights. In ancient Chinese culture a bed was so much more than just a bed: people sat on them, rested on them, and made them the focal point of daily life. So the first stop on your itinerary is the Ancient Bed Museum, home to antique beds from the Ming and Qing Dynasties to modern times. Your next stop is the Wine Distillery Workshop. Wuzhen was once home to more than 20 brewing workshops but this is the last remaining winery in Wuzhen. With a history dating back many hundreds of years, the workshop still makes traditional Sanbai rice wine, and you can watch how this full-bodied, soft, yet lingering liquor is produced. Next, it's time to discover some of Wuzhen's cloth-manufacturing history with a visit to to a traditional indigo dye house, where you can watch all the stages of producing blue-printed fabric, from spinning to weaving to dying. Original Wuzhen cloth is, of course, available to buy. You'll break for an included lunch in a pretty historic building before your next stop, a shadow puppet show. In this traditional Chinese art form puppets move against an illuminated backdrop to create shadows, accompanied by a small orchestra of Chinese instruments. You'll learn the sound of the erhu, a two-stringed musical instrument played with a bow, and the dizi, or Chinese flute. Lastly, to appreciate Wuzhen in all its watery glory, enjoy a rowing boat ride down the river. Relax as you enjoy the sights of the old town from its pretty canals and watch locals going about their daily lives. You'll have some free time after this to wander Wuzhen at leisure and see other attractions not on the schedule, before you leave around 4:30pm to return to your hotel around 6:30pm.