Shuangmei Hall


This hall is a lovely wood-panelled affair containing intricate and exquisite carvings above its pillars.

Admission to the hall is covered by the ¥68 entry fee for the village.

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Nearby Zhejiang attractions

1. Wénchāng Hall

0.02 MILES

A signature sight, the Wénchāng Hall contains a portrait of Confucius and an adjacent shrine (土地祠, Tǔdì Cí) to the village god (for good harvests)…

2. Xinye

0.03 MILES

There is a lovely big-family feel to this village in Zhejiang Province, and no wonder when virtually everybody is related across a 'Ye' surname family…

3. Hall of Good Order

0.04 MILES

This hall is central to the village; its front door does not open so its accessible side door faces out onto pyramid-shaped Daofeng Mountain (道峰山, Dàofēng…

4. Tuanyun Pagoda

0.11 MILES

The white and elegant seven-storey Tuányún Pagoda is the definitive image of the village. There is a small pond beside the pagoda.

5. Xishan Ancestral Temple

0.12 MILES

Dedicated to the ancestors of the Ye clan, this peach of an ancestral hall dates back to the Yuan dynasty.

6. Chongren Temple

0.17 MILES

This temple, the village's largest, is dedicated to the ancestors of the Chongren, a sub-clan of the Ye people of Xinye. The Chongren are the wealthiest…

7. Yongmu Hall

5.93 MILES

This fine Ming dynasty hall features an eye-catching central stone door frame plus an exhibition dedicated to local culture.

8. Shouchun Hall

5.94 MILES

One of Zhuge’s 18 halls, Shouchun Hall is a long sequence of chambers and courtyards alongside the rectangular Lower Pond (下搪, Xià Táng).