Twenty Yuan View


To get the same perspective as the image emblazoned on the ¥20 note (with that obligatory snap of money in hand), cross the bridge at the harbour and walk for 20 minutes until you reach the multiple viewpoints set along the riverfront.

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Nearby Guangxi attractions

1. Laozhai Hill

0.75 MILES

Just on the edge of town, Laozhai Hill is the most accessible of Xingping's limestone peaks, a tough 300m climb that'll reward you with life-affirming…

2. Xingping Ancient Stage

0.76 MILES

The highlight of Xingping's old street is this well-preserved and attractive Qing dynasty opera stage and museum (Chinese captions only). You can see…

3. Xingping Fishing Village

1.49 MILES

Miraculously untouched during the Sino-Japanese War and the Cultural Revolution, this 400-year-old village has friendly residents and vernacular houses…

4. Damian Mountain

1.75 MILES

For truly spectacular outlooks over the region's famed karst topography, take the sweaty 45-minute trek up to the top of this jungle-clad mountain…

5. House of Xu Beihong

10.09 MILES

This small shrine to the 20th-century artist Xu Beihong (famed chiefly for his pictures of galloping horses) – in a small one-storey house where he once…

6. Li Riverside Path

10.18 MILES

When Xijie, the crowds and postcard hawkers get too much, head down the steps to the Li River. Unfolding before you is a beautiful panorama of karst peaks…

7. Green Lotus Peak

10.34 MILES

Located in the southeastern corner of town, this is Yangshuo's main peak; it's also the most accessible (it can be climbed in half an hour). Because it…

8. Yulong River

10.7 MILES

The scenery along this small river about 6km southwest of Yangshuo is breathtaking, and best enjoyed by bamboo raft. Though the set-up for the rafting has…