Folk Art Museum


You know all those souvenirs for sale on the Ancient Culture Street? Well, this collection of handicrafts is the real deal – historic clothing, paintings, ceramics and even an enormous abacus. As you walk north up Ancient Culture Street, the museum is off to your left, just before you reach Tianhou Temple. No English.

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1. Tianhou Temple

0.05 MILES

This busy temple, with its healthy mix of Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian deities, is dedicated to Tianhou (Empress of Heaven). Goddess of the sea and the…

2. Chinese Shoe Culture Museum

0.05 MILES

Shoes aren't everyone's cup of tea, but those into footwear should certainly take the time to drop by this quirky little place. It explores the history…

3. Confucius Temple

0.16 MILES

Tianjin's quiet Confucius Temple is actually a two-for-one, with the provincial temple on the east side (dating from 1436) and the county temple on the…

4. Guangdong Guild Hall

0.57 MILES

This charming guildhall, built in 1907, is one of the few buildings of any genuine age in the Old Town. It’s a lovely courtyard complex, centred on a…

5. Drum Tower


Standing at the Old Town's centre is the large Drum Tower. It's a modern rebuild, but inside it contains some interesting photos of old Tianijn and you…

6. Italian Concession

0.64 MILES

Tianjin's spruced-up Italian-style district, centred on Marco Polo Sq, is an attractive quarter for exploration, with Western restaurants, cafes and bars…

7. Monastery of Deep Compassion

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Tianjin’s most important Buddhist temple – signposted as 'Dabei Temple' on street signs – was built in three stages from 1436 to 1734. While most of the…

8. Tianjin Eye

0.84 MILES

To get the city’s transformation in perspective, or for a night-time angle on Tianjin, ride this huge Ferris wheel straddling the Hai River.