Minyuan Plaza


The centrepiece of the Wudadao neighbourhood, Minyuan Plaza was rebuilt in 2012 on the site of a 90-year-old stadium that was originally designed by former British Olympian Eric Liddell. It now functions as a giant park of sorts – you can still run laps if you want – with a visitors centre, two small museums (of limited interest), and a host of cafes and restaurants. It's particularly lively in the evening.

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1. Former Residence of Eric Liddell

0.12 MILES

Former home of Scotsman Eric Liddell, Olympic champion, rugby international and devout Christian. Liddell was born in Tianjin in 1902 and was the subject…

2. St Joseph’s Church

0.75 MILES

Erected by the French in 1917, this domed Catholic church is the largest church in Tianjin. Its fine brick exterior is a marked contrast to the shopping…

3. China House

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Tianjin's tackiest sight by a long shot, China House is porcelain collector Zhang Lianzhi's ode to both porcelain and questionable taste. Vases and mosaic…

5. Treaty Port Area

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South of the station across Liberation Bridge was the British concession. The rebuilt riverside facade is an impressive sight at night, but walk further…

6. Liberation Bridge

1.42 MILES

This historic bridge opposite the Main Train Station was built in 1927.

7. Italian Concession


Tianjin's spruced-up Italian-style district, centred on Marco Polo Sq, is an attractive quarter for exploration, with Western restaurants, cafes and bars…

8. Tianjin Museum


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