Fuhu Temple

Emei Shan

Located about 1km from Baoguo Temple, Fuhu Temple (630m) is hidden deep within the forest. It houses a 7m-high copper pagoda inscribed with Buddhist images and texts. It's not included in the Emei Shan entrance ticket, but it's possible to visit without passing through the park ticket checks.

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1. Leiyin Temple

0.45 MILES

Originally dating to the Ming dynasty, the former Moksha temple was renamed Leiyin in 1884. A 4.8m Guanyin statue is housed in a much newer Guanyin Hall,…

2. Baoguo Temple

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Constructed in the 16th century, this temple (550m) features beautiful gardens of rare plants, as well as a 3.5m-high porcelain Buddha dating back to 1415…

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4. Monkey Zone

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5. Báilóngdòng


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This small one-room temple makes a nice shady spot to rest en route to Huayan Peak.

8. Xianfeng Temple

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Somewhat off the beaten track on the long way round to the peak, this carefully tended monastery (1752m) is backed by rugged cliffs and surrounded by…