Oriental Buddha Capital


This large park houses thousands of Buddha statues and figurines from around Asia, including a 170m-long reclining Buddha, one of the world’s longest. Don't miss the impressive Ten-Thousand Buddha Cave (万佛洞; Wànfú Dòng). Take bus 3 or 13 (¥1) from the Grand Buddha Scenic Area three stops to the Dōngfāng Fódū (东方佛都) stop.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Sichuan attractions

1. Mahaoya Tombs Museum

0.28 MILES

Contains a modest collection of tombs and burial artefacts dating from the Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25–220), included in the Grand Buddha entrance ticket.

2. Wuyou Temple

0.42 MILES

Wuyou Temple, like the Grand Buddha, dates from the Tang dynasty, and has Ming and Qing renovations. This monastery contains calligraphy and artefacts,…

3. Le Shan Grand Buddha

0.58 MILES

Le Shan’s serene, 1200-year-old Grand Buddha sits in repose, carved from a cliff face overlooking the confluence of three busy rivers: the Dadu, Min and…

4. Baoguo Temple

20.24 MILES

Constructed in the 16th century, this temple (550m) features beautiful gardens of rare plants, as well as a 3.5m-high porcelain Buddha dating back to 1415…

5. Fuhu Temple

20.63 MILES

Located about 1km from Baoguo Temple, Fuhu Temple (630m) is hidden deep within the forest. It houses a 7m-high copper pagoda inscribed with Buddhist…

6. Leiyin Temple

21.04 MILES

Originally dating to the Ming dynasty, the former Moksha temple was renamed Leiyin in 1884. A 4.8m Guanyin statue is housed in a much newer Guanyin Hall,…

7. Qingyin Pavilion

23.21 MILES

Named ‘Pure Sound Pavilion’ after the soothing sounds of the waters coursing around rock formations, this temple (710m) is built on an outcrop in the…

8. Báilóngdòng

23.48 MILES

Fabled to be the spot where legendary nymph Bai Suzhen morphed from a white snake into a beautiful woman. Surprisingly then, the temple that currently…