Xianfeng Temple

Somewhat off the beaten track on the long way round to the peak, this carefully tended monastery (1752m) is backed by rugged cliffs and surrounded by fantastic scenery. Entrance to the nearby Jiulao Cave is ¥10.

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1. Elephant Bathing Pool

1.16 MILES

According to legend, Elephant Bathing Pool (2070m) is where Pǔxián flew his elephant in for a nice scrub, but today there’s not much of a pool to speak of…

2. Chu Temple

1.58 MILES

This small one-room temple makes a nice shady spot to rest en route to Huayan Peak.

3. Monkey Zone

2.01 MILES

Between Qingyin Pavilion and Hóngchūn Píng (Venerable Trees Terrace), you will at some point encounter the mountain’s infamous monkeys. Unfortunately,…

4. Jieyin Monastery

2.02 MILES

A large main hall and several smaller shrines mark the starting point of the final push to Jinding Peak. To take the cable car to Jinding, you'll have to…

5. Jinding Temple

2.38 MILES

This temple is at the Golden Summit (Jīndǐng; 3079m), commonly referred to as the mountain’s highest peak. This temple is a striking modern renovation,…

6. Wannian Temple

2.54 MILES

Reconstructed in the 9th century, Wannian Temple (1020m) is the oldest surviving Emei temple. It’s dedicated to the man on the white elephant, the…

7. Qingyin Pavilion

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Named ‘Pure Sound Pavilion’ after the soothing sounds of the waters coursing around rock formations, this temple (710m) is built on an outcrop in the…

8. Báilóngdòng

2.67 MILES

Fabled to be the spot where legendary nymph Bai Suzhen morphed from a white snake into a beautiful woman. Surprisingly then, the temple that currently…