Confucius Temple


Buried away down a historic alley, the city's Confucius Temple is home to a spirit wall and a folk-art museum. As with most Confucius temples, it's a quiet and tranquil oasis.

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1. Chongshan Temple

0.16 MILES

The double-eaved wooden hall in this Ming temple contains three magnificent statues: Samantabhadra (the Bodhisattva of Truth), Guanyin (the Goddess of…

2. Wanshou Gong

0.24 MILES

This street is worth a wander to look at the grey brick historic church at No 5 and the nearby dilapidated remains of the Wanshou Temple (万寿宫, Wànshòu…

3. Wenying Park

0.41 MILES

This large urban park has landscaped gardens and a willow-fringed pond built in the Ming dynasty that in summer is thick with lilies. But the park is also…

4. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

1.61 MILES

Built in 1870, the neoclassical house of worship was badly damaged during the Boxer Rebellion but today stands magnificently amid modern buildings. The…

5. Twin Pagoda Temple/Yongzuo Temple

1.71 MILES

These gorgeous twin brick pagodas rise photogenically south of the Nansha River in Taiyuan’s southeast; they're lovely with the wind in their tinkling…

6. Shanxi Museum


This comprehensive museum has three floors that walk you through various aspects of Shanxi culture, from Neolithic jade and Silk Road Buddhist statues to…

7. Jinci Temple

12.96 MILES

This sprawling complex sits on the source of the Jin River in arid Shanxi. The earliest structures and the irrigation canal (which still gushes on rainy…

8. Yúcì Ancient City

16.13 MILES

A favourite location for Chinese film producers, there are more than 400 rooms and halls to explore in the preserved section of this Ming town. You can…