Signal Hill Park


This park above Qingdao's Old Town is free to enter from 6am to 7.30am and from 6pm to 8.30pm.

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Nearby Qingdao attractions

1. Governor’s House Museum

0.05 MILES

This museum is one of Qingdao’s best examples of concession-era architecture – the former German governor’s residence constructed in the style of a German…

2. Protestant Church

0.18 MILES

On a street of German buildings, this copper-capped beauty was designed by Curt Rothkegel and built in 1908. The interior is simple and Lutheran in its…

3. Qingdao City Art Museum

0.32 MILES

Contemporary works are on display in this compact museum housed in its own architectural masterpiece, a 1930s structure reflecting an eclectic mix of…

4. Tianhou Temple


This small restored temple dedicated to Tiānhòu (天后), the patron of seafarers, has stood by the shore since 1467. The main hall contains a colourful…

5. Little Fish Hill

0.55 MILES

This sweet little park is near No 1 Bathing Beach. Admission is free after 6.30pm.

6. St Michael’s Cathedral

0.61 MILES

Up a hill off Zhongshan Lu looms this grand Gothic- and Roman-style edifice. Completed in 1934, the church spires were supposed to be clock towers, but…

7. No 1 Bathing Beach

0.76 MILES

South of the tree-lined area known as Badaguan (八大关, Bādàguān), No 1 Bathing Beach is a very popular spot, perhaps for its snack stalls and children's toy…

8. Huilan Pavilion

0.79 MILES

Lit up at night, this graceful pavilion decorates the end of Zhan Bridge poking into Qingdao Bay. If it looks familiar, that’s because it’s on every…