Nánshān Gōngyuán

Park in Xining

This park, which is also known as Fènghuáng Shān (凤凰山), rises above Xining south of town. The grounds are home to two Buddhist temples: Nánchán Sì and Fǎchuáng Sì (法幢寺). In between them is a path that leads up to the hill where you'll find more walking paths and panoramic views of the city. Fortune tellers assemble on the steps on they way up, charging ¥30.

At night, you'll see the entire temple complex lit up with gaudy LED lights. Buses 16 and 103 come from the train station (alight at Nánchán Sì Zhàn, 南禅寺站), but it's an easy walk from the centre of town.