Nánjīng Museum

Top choice museum in Nanjing

Image by China Photos Getty Images

This fabulous museum had a massive and lavish expansion in 2013 with a brand new, dramatically modern exhibition block added next to its traditional, temple-style hall. All sleekly designed with lashings of marble and wood, alluring displays abound: from Jiāngsū landscape painting, ancient calligraphy (including sutra scrolls from Dūnhuáng) to sculpture (the Ming dynasty carved wood Guanyin beneath the atrium is gorgeous) and much more. Look out for two magnificent Han dynasty jade burial suits among treasures from a royal mausoleum.

On the 3rd floor there's a spectacular selection of gold and copper Tibetan Buddha statues that belonged to the Qing emperors, as well as some extravagant clocks. Ceramics and Qing dynasty furnishings round out a stunning collection. Several exhibition halls are temporary and will receive new collections down the line.