Must see attractions in Nanjing

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    Linggu Temple Scenic Area

    This expansive temple complex contains one of the most historic buildings in Nanjing – the Beamless Hall (无梁殿, Wúliáng Diàn), built in 1381 entirely out…

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    Sun Yatsen Mausoleum

    An astonishing sight at the top of an enormous stone stairway (a breathless 392 steps), Sun Yatsen's tomb is a mandatory stop for most visitors…

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    Nanjing Museum

    This fabulous museum has three dramatically modern exhibition blocks alongside a traditional, temple-style hall. Exhibits range from 20th-century brush…

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    Ming Xiaoling Tomb

    Zhu Yuanzhang (1328–1398), the founding emperor of the Ming dynasty (also known as the Hongwu Emperor), was buried in the tomb of Ming Xiaoling; he was…

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    Qixia Temple

    This sacred site on Qixia Mountain (栖霞山, Qīxiá Shān), 22km northeast of Nanjing, was founded by the Buddhist monk Ming Sengshao during the Southern Qi…

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    Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre

    In the city’s southwestern suburbs, the disturbing exhibits in the Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre document the atrocities committed by Japanese…

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    Zhan Garden

    If you don't have time to get to Suzhou, visit this delightful Ming-dynasty garden complex that once housed Taiping officials. The on-site Taiping History…

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    Ming Xiaoling Scenic Area

    This scenic area on Zijin Mountain has loads of opportunities for rambling, but the main attraction is Ming Xiaoling Tomb, the magnificent mausoleum of…

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    Zhōngyāng Gate

    One of the original 13 Ming city gates, located in the north of town. The name means 'Central Gate'.

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    Yangzi River Bridge

    Opened in 1968, the Yangzi River Bridge is one of the longest bridges in China – a double-decker with a 4.5km-long road on top and a train line below. The…

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    Meiling Palace

    Named by Life magazine in 1937 as 'the most powerful woman in the world', Song Meiling (aka 'Madame Chiang') was the First Lady of the Republic of China …

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    Jiming Temple

    The most active temple in Nanjing, Jiming Temple was first built in AD 527 during the Three Kingdoms period and has been rebuilt many times since.

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    Fūzǐ Miào

    In the south of the city in a smartened-up pedestrian zone full of restaurants, the Confucian temple Fūzǐ Miào has been a centre of Confucian study for…

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    Ming Palace Ruins

    Built by Zhu Yuanzhang in the 14th century, the imperial palace was reportedly a magnificent structure that served as a template for Beijing's Forbidden…

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    Presidential Palace

    After the Taiping took over Nanjing, they built the Mansion of the Heavenly King (天王府, Tiānwáng Fǔ) on the foundations of a former Ming-dynasty palace…

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    Zhonghua Gate

    Fourteenth-century Zhonghua Gate has four rows of gates, making it almost impregnable, and could house a garrison of 3000 soldiers in vaults in the front…

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    Jiuhuashan Park

    This underrated park, just south of Xuanwu Lake, has a peaceful world-away feel and a delightful array of statues dotted around its leafy hills. The park…

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    Plum Blossom Hill

    Near the entrance to the Míng Xiàolíng Tomb, this large copse of plum trees bursts into floral fragrance each spring, drawing crowds. It's the site of the…

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    Shence Gate

    One of the original 13 Ming city gates, renovated in 2001. The gate is located in a small park in the north of town and is connected to Taiping Gate (5…

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    Nanjing University

    This delightfully historic campus is worth a stroll to appreciate its traditional architecture, lovely trees and green spaces.