Zhōngyāng Gate


One of the original 13 Ming city gates, located in the north of town. The name means 'Central Gate'.

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Nearby Nanjing attractions

1. Shence Gate

0.27 MILES

One of the original 13 Ming city gates, renovated in 2001. The gate is located in a small park in the north of town and is connected to Taiping Gate (5…

2. Xuanwu Lake Park


The glassy lake in this lovely, verdant 530-hectare park – backing onto the towering city wall – is studded with five interconnected isles scattered with…

3. Jiming Temple

2.02 MILES

The most active temple in Nanjing, Jiming Temple was first built in AD 527 during the Three Kingdoms period and has been rebuilt many times since.

4. Jiefang Gate

2.08 MILES

One of the original 13 Ming city gates, which allows access to the walls.

5. Nanjing University

2.46 MILES

This delightfully historic campus is worth a stroll to appreciate its traditional architecture, lovely trees and green spaces.

6. Jiuhuashan Park

2.55 MILES

This underrated park, just south of Xuanwu Lake, has a peaceful world-away feel and a delightful array of statues dotted around its leafy hills. The park…

7. Nanjing Normal University

2.76 MILES

Established in 1902 and located in the centre of town; the lovely campus is well worth an exploration.

8. Yangzi River Bridge

2.79 MILES

Opened in 1968, the Yangzi River Bridge is one of the longest bridges in China – a double-decker with a 4.5km-long road on top and a train line below. The…