Yangzi River Bridge


Opened in 1968, the Yangzi River Bridge is one of the longest bridges in China – a double-decker with a 4.5km-long road on top and a train line below. The odds are that you’ll probably cross the bridge if you take a train from the north. Your ticket includes lift access to the viewing platforms, where you can admire the stirring socialist-realist sculptures and city views from up high.

To get a closer look at the statues or to walk across the bridge, take the lift and then walk one flight down the stairwell.

At ground floor, there's a towering Mao statue and a tiny exhibition of the underwater gear and engineering calculations that were required in the construction of the bridge.

Get here on bus 1 from Gulou metro station (exit B) to its terminus opposite Bridge Park. The nearest metro station, Shangyuanmen, is a few inconvenient kilometres away to the northeast.

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