Fūzǐ Miào


In the south of the city in a smartened-up pedestrian zone full of restaurants, the Confucian temple Fūzǐ Miào has been a centre of Confucian study for more than 1500 years. What you see today, however, are newly restored, late-Qing-dynasty structures or wholly new buildings reconstructed in traditional style. The area surrounding the temple is a popular place for a stroll, particularly at night, when the streets are attractively lit up and the atmosphere is at its most festive.

Tour boats (游船, yóuchuán) leave from the dock across from the temple itself for 30-minute day (¥60) and evening (¥80) trips along the Qinhuai River (秦淮河, Qínhuái Hé) between 9am and 10pm.