Meiling Palace


Named by Life magazine in 1937 as 'the most powerful woman in the world', Song Meiling (aka 'Madame Chiang') was the First Lady of the Republic of China (1948–1975). An accomplished politician and painter, Meiling was actively involved in politics for much of her life, acting as English translator and adviser for her husband, Chiang Kaishek.

The complete furnishings, English explanations and unique focus on an extraordinary woman make this museum a particularly special find in China.

This beautiful villa combines classical Chinese architecture with modern western elements. It was built in 1934 and was one of the couple's favourite residences. Highlights include family photographs (Sun Yatsen was Meiling's brother-in-law), an exhibition of Meiling's paintings, a bespoke General Motors car and a private chapel.

Audioguides (¥20) are available before 4.30pm.

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