Mào Líng


The 15th-century tomb of the Chenghua Emperor. Not open for visitors.

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1. Yù Líng

0.29 MILES

The tomb of the Zhengtong Emperor (1427–1442), who famously became emperor twice. Captured by the Mongols after a disastrous military campaign, he was…

2. Qìng Líng

0.57 MILES

The tomb of the Taichang Emperor, one of the last emperors to be interred at the Ming Tombs. The road here actually passes through the grounds of the…

3. Tài Líng

0.83 MILES

The tomb of the Hongzhi Emperor (1470–1505). Not open for visitors.

4. Xiàn Líng

0.85 MILES

The tomb of the Hongxi Emperor (1378–1425), the second emperor to be buried at the Ming Tombs after Yongle in Chang Ling next door. Not open for visitors.

5. Kāng Líng

1.26 MILES

The tomb of the Zhengde Emperor, who reigned from 1506–21. It's not open for visitors.

6. Cháng Líng

1.29 MILES

It's no coincidence that the most magnificent of the Ming tombs bears more than a passing resemblance to the Forbidden City. It was commissioned by the…

7. Dìng Líng


Of all the Ming tombs, this is the only one to have been excavated, and visitors can descend into the enormous burial chambers of the Wanli Emperor (1563…

8. Museum of the Ming Tombs

1.55 MILES

Housed in several buildings at Dìng Líng, some of which were closed for renovation at time of research, this museum displays a selection of items…