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Jiāngxī has joined the high-speed rail circuit and now there's a new breed of local, prosperous traveller. They come here for the story-book villages around Wùyuán, the remote mountain parks of great spiritual significance and matching hiking trails in the northeast, and the surprisingly pleasant provincial capital, Nánchāng.

The altogether slower pace of life is the real highlight of a visit to this charming pocket of southeast China.

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$30.25 Cultural & Theme Tours

One Day Chengdu Panda Base & Luodai Ancient Town Tour

One Day Chengdu Panda Base & Luodai Ancient Town Tour Morning: at 8:00am, the driver will meet you in hotel lobby,heading to Panda Breeding Center to watch panda having breakfast.The tour is about 2.5 hours,The adorable pandas from Baby to adult will present you a unforgettable morning. Afternoon: Driving 45 minute to Luodai Ancient Town.You will have a cup of tea in Hakka Park. The tour is about 3 hours.In Luodai there there are many ancient architecture including Guangdong Guild hall, Jiangxi Guild hall, and Huguang Guildhall , Randen temple, Hakka museum etc. Nearby old town have local farmers market, if you interest, you may look around. Highlight The history of Luodai Ancient Town can date back to Han Dynasty when it was called "Wanjing Street". Thousands of years' history and multicultural exchange have assimilated diverse culture, various historical sites and Hakka architecture in this small town.The houses, courtyards and streets in Luodai are all in the ancient style of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) or the Republic period (1912-1949). The Guangdong Guildhall is the landmark of Luodai Ancient Town. Originally named Nanhua Palace, it is the masterpiece among Hakka architecture as well as the best preserved and the biggest guildhalls in China. It was built during the reign of Emperor Qinglong in Qing Dynasty (1746) and consists of three halls, with a total are of 3044.75 square meters. It is the place where the Hakka people gather, meet relatives and friends, settle disputes and make sacrifices to ancestors and gods. Several other guildhalls, such as those of Huguang, Jiangxi and Chuanbei, also remain in good shape. There are one 1,000-meter-long main street and seven alleys in the ancient town. The dwelling houses along the main street are all  enclosed courtyards with an open area in the middle and a main building decorated with carvings of turtle and flower. The roofs of the houses are all covered with cogon and small black tiles.      

$265 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Private Mount Wuyi Tour including Tianyou Peak,Shuilian Cave, Dahongpao

Day 1: Arrive in Mount Wuyi Transfer to Hotel upon arrival at Mount Wuyi. Day 2: Visit Mount WuyiTake a full day to enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Wuyi. Float down the Jiuqu (nine twists) Stream on bamboo rafts fitted with rattan chairs. Visit Wuyi Palace and ancient Song Street. Climb up Tianyou Peak- the sheer rock peak that stretches up into the sky. Day 3 Wuyi Mountain & DepartureVisit Dahongpao Scenic Area to see the plantation of the Dahongpao tea trees, and admire the over seed tea trees of 1000 years old there. Then go to the Shuilian Cave (Water Curtain Cave) area to appreciate the fancy waterfalls and the flying springs. After that, drive about 10 minutes to Xiamei Village to enjoy the featured old dwellings built about 1400 years ago. Transfer to the airport/train station after the tour.